martedì 22 settembre 2009

Marquees 0.134

Ecco pronto anche l'aggiornamento della collezione dei Marquees (complicatissima da mantenere data la difficoltà nel trovare scansioni di qualità in rete).

Questo pacchetto contiene 91 immagini, 20 nuove e 71 aggiornate.

4 commenti:

Cpt.Guapo ha detto...

Hi AntoPISA,

I know this can be considered a dumb question, but, could please explain how to proceed to audit images with clrmame?
With roms I can do it regularly, no problem. I tried with your pack of images but clrmame takes too much time and freezes...
Should I create single zip archive like or, for example?
And what about "settings"? What should I do?
I try to keep my image files up to date but always either some are left or some are missing...
Any help would be appreciated.

AntoPISA ha detto...

Puoi scaricare la guida (per ora solo in italiano) qui:

You can download the guide (for now only in Italian) here:

Cpt.Guapo ha detto...

Well, better than nothing. I will try with this one. Thank you.

Anonimo ha detto...

Can be fixed the 0.134_4.rar? Thanks for all work ;)